Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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At Jacob's Well we perform and teach baptism by immersion for believers who profess personal faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that water baptism is symbolic of many biblical truths. First, it is an outward profession that we have turned from sin (repentance) to Jesus. It demonstrates that God has cleansed of our sins, has forgiven us in Jesus, that our old life is buried with Christ with his death and we have risen with Him to walk in newness of life (Isaiah 1:18; Matthew 28:19; Acts 8:36-38; Romans 6:3-5; Colossians 2:12; Acts 10:47). Additionally, baptism is the sign and seal which marks a person's entry into the new covenant community of the church. It is a visible sign of God's faithfulness to his promises in the gospel.

This is our only practice of baptism, though we will allow people into membership who have been baptized in other traditions by sprinkling, pouring, or immersion as long as it was performed by a biblical local church, the person evidences conversion and where the baptism was performed in the name of the triune God.

If someone is a believer in Christ and has not been baptized, this is the path we take as all Christians, in all eras of history have practiced baptism as an act of joyful obedience to identify with Christ and his people. We do not believe that water baptism itself saves a person, rather it is the sign and seal of God's saving work in a person's life and in adding new people to his family. As such it is both an individual and a communal rite given to the church. We express this reality by celebrating the baptism of new believers as a community stoked about the goodness of God to us in Jesus Christ.

If you would like to be baptized, or want more information about being baptized, please contact us at or let us know by filling out this form.