Sunday Gathering at 10 a.m. 

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The 27 - Front View


On this site you will find a simple guide to our facility. Directions, parking, entering the building on Sunday, kids checkin, a map and description of the building are included.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


A Guide to The 27

A full, downloadable guide PDF is available here

There is a reason we are not calling our new building Jacob’s Well. A building is not and could never be a “church” in the biblical sense. A church is a gathering of God’s people through the gospel and by his covenant promises. The church is a people so our building needed another name. We settled on the 27 for a few reasons. First, the building is on historic Route 27. Easy enough; The 27 is on Route 27. Second, our church birthday is Sept 27th as we began public ministry of the gospel on that day in 2009. So we pray The 27 would remind us of our history here in central New Jersey.

The 27 is...

Our home base for mission! The 27 is a tool that we’ll use to further glorify God while seeking the good of our cities by extending hope through the Gospel. As God’s people we will be gathered each week at the 27 to be sent out into the world to live for Jesus. We will worship together at the 27 so that our love for God would be greater than our love of this world. We will learn together at the 27 so that we might follow Jesus more closely and serve His mission in New Jersey more fully. We will serve our communities at the 27 to extend hope through the Gospel to those in need. The 27 is our home base, but a home base is only as useful as the mission it serves.

The 27 is not...

Our new church. Throughout history, many people have confused the church with a building. For many people it’s common to say that they “go to church on Sundays.” Jesus’ earliest followers would never have said they were going to church, because they believed they were the church. The church is not a building, it’s a people. We are the church. Jacob’s Well is a local church. The 27 is not a church. The 27 will be essential to the life and mission of our church, but it is not our church.

Instead, look around on a Sunday morning or at an MC gathering and see all the faces of your friends, neighbors and family members. When you see those faces, you see our church. And look around and when you see new faces on Sunday and give a friendly welcome to the family called Jacob’s Well. And look around at the people in your neighborhood, your workplace and the places you hang. Could God use you to extend the hope of the gospel to your friends? Yes he can.

And please, do invite them to enjoy (walk with) our community gathered in New Jersey -- whether at the 27, in one of our missional communities, or in your own home.